Tuesday, August 14, 2012


How a biological imbalance in our natural flora of the scalp can lead to Hair Loss 

Hair loss results from a combination of the following:

1.  Genetic pre-disposition
2.   Poor nutrition
3.   Weak immune system
4.   An environment that leads to an overgrow of Candida fungus (Yeast).   

It is important to understand that we have 3  kinds of hairs that grow in the scalp:

Terminal = thick, fully pigmented, regular hair.

Lanugo = an intermediate hair that grows between the terminal and vellus hair phases. It pigmented and thicker than vellus hair but weaker than the terminal.

Vellum = a thin non-pigmented hair that can only see in certain angles of the light.
If you look how hair developed in some babies, you can see first vellus, then lanugo and after terminal (regular hair).

Understanding Candida

Candida is a natural yeast in the human body. Normally it lives in harmony with a variety of other microorganisms and performs a couple of important functions.  The problem occurs when something upsets the balance of bacteria in the body, which causes the yeast organism to proliferate and take over all the healthy microorganisms.
Candida is almost universal on the normal adult skin and  is also part of the normal flora of the mucous membranes of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and female genital tracts, which cause no disease.

Some healthcare professionals believe that candida infects 89% of the US population. Many Americans don’t realize that candidiasis caused by the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDs and poor dietary habits. By just following the standard of healthcare in our society and eating the standard American diet, you may be putting yourself at risk of recurrent candida yeast infections.

Most people are aware of the most common manifestations of Candida, such as yeast infection, jock itch, thrush, athlete’s foot and ringworm. But there are all the other seemingly unrelated symptoms that are caused by Candida, like chronic fatigue, food allergies, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, constipation, headaches and more.

There is many causes  for the overgrow of Candida, but the two leading contributors are a diet high in sugar and refined foods and the overuse of antibiotics.

It is important to avoid taking antibiotics unless it is necessary.  Try to find other healthy alternatives to infections etc.  If you must take an antibiotic, you should always be sure to take an acidophilus supplement and B- Complex during the course of the treatment.   

Taking acidophilus and B- Complex  on a daily basis is one of the best defenses against yeast overgrowth, and it promotes a healthy colon.
Most people with yeast overgrowth are also suffering from nutritional deficiencies and correcting them can help you over Candida symptoms.

 The overgrow of Candida in the scalp will lead to the following reactions:

1.  Activation of the sebaceous glandule, which produces more oil. 

The oil is a protection for our skin and scalp. If we use shampoo to try to control or suppress the excess of oil in the scalp,, we will weaken our scalp defenses and accelerate the progression hair loss. You can help your hair using healthy oil 1 x a week like a coconut, Rosmarinus, or our Vida Hair Oil that has the best combination of organic & essential oils.

2. Candida overgrowth in the scalp will activate the skin renovation and desquamation process. 

The result will increase the presence of flakes, dead skin, and dandruff. That reaction is also a mechanism of defense. When these mechanisms don't work anymore, the scalp will go into atrophy, becoming pure skin (as you see in bald individuals) and not a healthy scalp. That is why we do not recommend anti-dandruff shampoos, because you will be "without flakes" and also with less hair.We developed Vida Hair Shampoo and Vida Hair Lotion to control an overgrow of Candida, helping your scalp to be healthy again.

3.  The overgrowth of Candida will also attack the hair follicle.

The hair first starts to fall before completion of the regular hair life cycle.  The new hair will be weak and thin, growing slowly, falling out before it should. The hair will be more fragile until eventually disappearing. A healthy hair will become lanugo, and then vellum, and then non-existent.  To stop and reverse this process, we developed Vida Hair Shampoo, Vida Hair  Lotion, Vida Hair Oil.

4. The immune system is our system of defense.

This system is working all the time to fight and balance the overgrowth of Candida, while at the same time, consuming many nutrients. In this process, we will be depleted of vitamin and minerals. It is critical also to address the internal factors that accelerate the process of Hair loss.. We formulate Vida Hair Oral Spray to support the nutrients necessary for the hair and to breaks the vicious cycle of stress and hair loss.

The Vida Hair Treatment healing process occurs in reverse order:

1. First, the hair will stop falling out.

2. New hair will start to grow in as vellum and lanugo.

3. Healthy hair will begin to grow back.

We ( Margot Gobettia MD and Homeopathy doctor) and my mother Iracema Vargas Bedin (Ph.D. in Odontology and Master in Public Health) have been studying and researching about Hair Loss and Candida since 1980. We published a book in Portuguese in 1987 were we described our observation of 461 patients over the period of 5 years.

We believe that Medicine and Science are just one, we need always to have an open mind with no pre-judgments.

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