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Post # 1: What I learn trying to help my mother to stop losing Hair

I can tell you she was scared and I was also because my grandmother (from my mother’s side) WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY BALD. My grandmother was a hair stylist, and I remember she always used bottle and bottles of hair tonics and had to use a hat, but otherwise she was very healthy, (the same as my mother).
After researching traditional medicine, I found no effective treatments. Because of that, I started studying herbs and natural plants + a Homeopathy remedies. Me and my mother, Iracema Vargas Bedin tested many different formulas until we found one that worked. This method grew her hair back, and it was stronger and healthier. After many years of study and research, we were able to stop her  Hair Loss + Reverse what she lost! MY MOTHER  until now ( she is  85 )  has beautiful hair.

We did research from January 1979 to December 1984, where we treated 776 patients, 461 which we followed trough the 5 years.
The study  developed to  in followed the steps below;
All cases begin with:
1.       Clinical anamneses
2.       Homeopathy evaluation,
3.       Physical exam of the scalp
4.       Evolution of the treatment trough pictures
5.       Microscopy from the scalp.
 All the 461 patients ended up with good results. We presented the summary of our research on a Homeopathy Congress in France on 1987 and published a book in Portuguese. This book explained the relation of Homeopathy, Immune System, Candida and Hair Loss.

We studied and research about hair and Homeopathy  + how the body reacts to chronic diseases. We found a new perspective and meaning in medical healing and treatment that could be applied to almost all chronics health problems. When we understand "how your body talks and works " you can and also found the medicines that treat many chronic diseases.

Homeopathy is a science of understanding how your body react ( your immune system ) to stress and diseases. Homeopathy has an order of date and a vast library of cases and remedies.

Hair loss is a Chronic Diseases, meaning that it will start SLOW AND KEEP GETTING WORSE through time. The speed in the evolution of this disease differs in each , and it’s dependent on the balance and health of their defense system and nutritional balance.
What is a chronic condition: it's  a symptom or deseases that start slow and progress through time. Samuel Hahnemann was the founder of Homoeopathy. He established the fundamental principles of the science and art of Homoeopathy. Hahnemann understanding of Chronic diseases is unique find more:

For example, Baldness in men and women are chronic because start slows and keep getting worse through time. The speed of the evolution of losing hair differs from person to person, dependent on the balance of their general health, and immune system(defense mechanism) and nutrition.

The hair loss is a “process.” When you see few hairs or notice that the hair is getting thinner and weak, it is because the process started months or even years early. In general, it's the result of many months or years, of one or more problems in the scalp, such as irritation, dandruff,  too much oil in the scalp, or sometimes too much dryness also.

When we apply this knowledge, we understand why a person is losing Hair, and what is needed to fix, we will find amazing results not only Stopping the Process and be able to Reverse the Process of Losing Hair.

The formulas stimulate the scalp to regrow your hair. There are no harmful chemicals and no side effects.

For 25 years, I prescribed the formulas to my patients with hair loss with amazing results. When I moved to the United States, in 2006, I found that Homeopathy was only available in a commercial formula (not a personalized prescription, as I used to prescribe). I looked at all natural lines of hair treatment to find something similar to what I used to prescribe with great results but could not find.To be able to developed Vida Homeopathy Hair Line in the USA, we
invested 5 years in development. On April 2013, Vida Homeopathy was born.

The journey together made us study, research and growing not just in knowledge but learning about Medicine, Human beings, Diseases, the Magnetic Forces from the Universe, Spirituality, and Anthroposophy a more. I like to say from a hair strand to the  Energy field that controls the Universe.

When you find results that are not "explain "  with traditional medicine, and  you keep looking for an explanation, a new world will be open for you. And with my heroes, Dr. Samuel Hahnemman, Dr. Bruce Lipton and the author Jamer Redfield, and many others I hope that we can go far bringing understanding and Health for everyone with low cost. Homeopathy and other  called "energy medicines"    could be   for health and healing what the Internet  was for communication, and just together we can embrace Health for everyone and the Planet ." Maybe I am a dreamer, but I'm not the only one!"

Join us; Homeopathy is safe and efficient, and I can prove that works, you will see in your Hair!

My lovely parents, who teach me all good habits, eat well  avoid junk food, avoid remedies, treat your body well, use folk medicine, plants, herbs, Homeopathy. Be Good do Good for everyone, it's possible have quality of life at all ages ! 

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