Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A revolutionary way to accelerate your Hair Growth!


Vida Homeopathy is not the same as any other hair treatment on the market!

It is a revolutionary way to treat with surprisingly good results.

The active ingredients in all Vida Products are Homeopathy based.

 Homeopathy is not chemical, but a Pharmaceutical way to transform

substances into information, so your body can learn how to intake the nutrients 

your hair need.

4 Products  ( Vida Hair Kit) working together for a Healthy & Stronger Hair 
in 8 Weeks.

Promotes blood flow to the roots (Vida Shampoo + Vida Lotion)

Increase hair nutrition (Vida Hair oil)

Nourish your roots + fight Candida(Vida Oral Spray)

8 Weeks to a Healthy  & Stronger Hair

Vida Homeopathy Hair Kit  has no harsh chemical
 FREE OF :SL Sulfate, Paraben,P.Glycol Free, 
Vegan, No Animal testing
Balanced PH
Excellent for all hair types;

8 Weeks to a Healthy & Stronger Hair!

Side effect: some people may notice  new hair growth after 16 weeks.

Find out how vida can help you recover your hair