Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homeopathy X Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is base in chemistry and mechanic point of view of the human being. Traditional medicine has great value and saves many lives. We need not forget these big pharmaceuticals companies look for profits and their own business.

       Homeopathy has more than 200 years of existence and has a scientific method of use. All remedies have studies and experiment and a healthy person. It is  well established the indication of each remedy, the doses and what to expect from the treatment. When the medication does not work as supposed to, we know that was a doctor fault, which does not choose the right remedy. The fundamental law of homeopathy is the law of similar that always works.

     Homeopathy understanding the human being in all aspects, physically and emotionally. The objective of homeopathy is to restore balance.  We know that we are a whole, interconnection between mental, emotions, and the body is total.

 Homeopathic Physicians treat patients as a whole individual and by taking physical, psychological and emotional symptoms as well as family medical history, diet, and lifestyle and finding the root and cause of the problem prescribes appropriate remedy or remedies for the patient. Homeopathy treats patients, not diseases that's why most of the time besides the main illness other symptoms in the patient will cleared, and the patient will feel good as a whole and their level of energy increases.

Health professional usually do not have a reliable font of information about Homeopathy.  Homeopathy is not taught in of the Medical Schools and Universities in most countries, especially in the USA. In others countries the grow of Homeopathy  are impressive from the report above:

    Homeopathy India, It is not just the fact that the size of the existing domestic homeopathy market has placed around Rs 27,580,000,000 (395 million Euro), but that with a 30 percent annual increase, it will reach Rs. 46,000,000,000 (659 million Euro) in a few years. These figures place India second to France in the ranking of the homeopathy market.

Other facts and figures make the role of homeopathy very impressive. With a hundred million people in the country totally committed to homeopathy, it expected that the number would go over 160 million in three years. Right now, there are 500,000 registered homeopaths and every year there are 20,000 more added. There are 185 homeopathic colleges in the country and 11,000 homeopathic hospital beds.

According to D.S Rawat, the Secretary General in ASSOCHAM, people turn to allopathy (= conventional Western mainstream medicine) only in emergency situations. But in chronic illnesses like skin and hair disease, respiratory problems, obesity, diabetes, homeopathy, although said to be slow, offers sure treatment.

The main factors that make homeopathy accessible are the affordability of the treatment, and the personalized interaction doctors have with their patients, which the World Health Organization also acknowledges.

Dr. Shah writes an insightful article at the International News. When comparing homeopathy to conventional medicines, he says:

“The more a homeopathic medicine is used a more useful it becomes. Its finer details are brought out with the passage of time, and the homeopathic physicians use it with even greater confidence and precision.

“In contrast, there is an extensive list of allopathic medicines withdrawn, discarded or banned after they were initially introduced with very high claims. These all drugs were submitted by the “medical science” after significant “medical research”! Well! What sort of science it is that changes its stance after every six months?! You may call it business, or you may call it the commercialization of consumer products but of course not science.”

The British Medical Journal has published a letter which examines the motives and methods of noisy detractors who dismiss homeopathy in spite of current research showing clear evidence in its favor.

The piece is well worth reading and concludes with:

“…to say homeopathy is nothing but placebo requires turning a blind eye to a significant amount of data which, though not entirely conclusive, certainly suggests otherwise. It is clear that those who issue boilerplate criticisms of homeopathy have not bothered to consider the entirety of the data. Intelligent people and true scientists should be embarrassed by this and most ‘discussions’ taking place about homeopathy in the British medical community – they are an affront to scientific principles of rationality and objectivity .”

 Modern medicine has to assimilate Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Holistic Medicine; they bring a better understand of the human being as a whole. They also bring more resources to heal and minimized the suffering, besides working in a preventive way. Medicine in the last 30 years advanced a lot in diagnosed with sophisticated technology and in a new no invasive surgery technology, but less in a new approach to restore health.

Rather than being opposites, homeopathy, and traditional medicine is complementary. Working together for fantastic results. 

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