Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why we need to Supplement our diet with Vitamins & Minerals?

     We do not have a perfect diet, it is a fact!We should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. 
Eating at least  3 fruits and 4 vegetables is ideal for our health. If possible, eating organic ones is even a better source of nutrients. Good sources of protein are also important, eating foods such as salmon, fish, and organic meat is the best source of protein. We cannot forget a good source of oils, such as extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Also, carbohydrate from whole grains should be part of our daily diet. With the lifestyle of most of us, nowadays is really hard to find the perfect diet, the balance between what we should eat and the reality of everyday life is hard to be achieved.

       The everyday stress consume us! If we do not have the ideal support of nutrients our hair and skin will suffer because nature always tries to preserve the functions that are more important for the body. When under stress, our body needs more nutrients causing a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body making us more vulnerable to diseases. "No matter how well you eat, take a multivitamin daily. It may just save your life." (Bruce Ames Ph.D.) 

f you do not have any big health issue, a good multivitamin, and B complex will enough for prevention.  In cases of symptoms of health imbalance, diseases are necessary to have an individual picture. The  Hair Analyzes test  is a  good resource  to understand and have a particular map of an individual needs of minerals and vitamins  .  The American Medical Association recognized the value of the Hair analyzes for intoxication of heavy metals. That’s very important  because is proved that even small amount of toxic metals will  make an oxidation reaction, that will damage the cells.  The immune  system will fight that reaction, with over consuming of our natural reserves of vitamins and minerals. 

    We have to understand that the hair analysis will show the past history of our deficiencies. There are no direct correlations between what we find in the blood today with what we find in the hair. The minerals we found in the hair analyzes, is past history. The test can  also show, for example, a lack of calcium. We can do a bone test or a blood test to see if the calcium level is low, and the results can be negative, but if we do not add calcium to the diet and do not detox of heavy metals, years later the low calcium will be shown in the bones and in the blood.  

The best way to take vitamins  and mineral are together with food. We do not need overdose, or to high dose to be absorbed, the best way to  is like food, small quantities every day. As close to the food better they are for the body.