Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Take care of your hair and prevent Hair Loss

How to Take care of your Hair and Prevent Hair Loss:

Today we will share what it's important on your daily routine to maintain the health of your scalp and hair and answer the frequent question that patients use to ask me.

 Washing your Hair What you need to know

 1. How often I  need to wash my hair? 

  You can wash every day or in alternate days, or less, it's very personal. 
  There are people that when they see hair falling has the tendency to stop washing or washing less frequently.
 It's a huge mistake. Washing the hair do not make your hair fall. What happens is that people who are losing more hair are afraid to touch the hair or comb, they do not want to see the amount of hair that came out. When they wash more, strands will fall.

2. What is the best shampoo ?

     The  kind of shampoo that you need is related to a lot of  others factors, like what type of hair you have and how is your scalp, but:

a.  If you did not have problems with your hair an organic shampoo or without harsh chemical for normal hair. 

 b.  If you have an oil hair, my suggestion is to avoid the shampoos for oily hair. Use a gentle shampoo for normal hair and wash more frequent. 

  c.  If your hair it's too dry, a good shampoo for normal hair with a balance PH, natural, organic without harsh chemicals that damage the hair and take away the natural oils that your scalp produces. It is better you invest in a good conditioner / or a good natural /organic oil for your hair that will help to moisturize and nourish the strand. 

  d. Do not use shampoo built with conditioner, they always clog your scalp and induces to hair loss.

   e. If you have itching or dandruff in the scalp go to a Dermatologist or Trichologist doctor to give you the best advice for your case. Remember to be very careful with dandruff shampoo, do not use every day, you will be without dandruff and hair also.

 f.  If you are using a therapeutic shampoo (for hair loss or prescribed by your doctor) keep in mind that you need to leave the shampoo on your scalp for 2 to 3 minutes at least to have an effect. 

3. How to Wash your Hair:
 First, wet your hair, leave the water running on your hair for some seconds, add the shampoo on your hands +  water and apply to the wet hair, massage your scalp( as they do when you go in the hair saloon). 
Live the shampoo for 2 minutes or more and wash other parts of the body, the last thing you do, take the shampoo out.  
 If your hair needs Conditioner apply the conditioner, only in the hair ends not in the scalp!   Take out the conditioner with water. 
The water temperature has to be mild, but when you finished, use cold water.
 OBS: Our Vida Homeopathy Shampoo it's very gentle and most of the time do not need conditioner.
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4. How to dry your hair:
    Dry your hair first with a towel, make a good massage.Do not be afraid of hair fall at that time, is normal when you do not comb frequently. When you wash and brush, the dead Hair will fall. Sometimes, people that are afraid to see the hair falling and tend to avoid touching, combing or massaging. Falling 100 hair lines/day is normal. 
Massage in the scalp are excellent, stimulate circulation that means, blood, nutrients for your hair. Did you know that Rogaine act as a vasodilator of the small vessels, that means more blood flow for the hair, but when you stop the use the effect is gone, and you can’t use it forever. We recommend Vida Hair Lotion to do the same without side effects!

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5.How to  Nourish and Moisturize your hair: 
Apply natural, Organic and Essential Oil on the scalp and on the hair. 
Suggestion: Vida Hair Oil  ( has the best combination of Oils for the Hair) + Coconut and  Olive oils are the best! It's possible to alternate them because each oil has a different benefits and compounds that  helps the scalp in healing, thickening and softening your hair. Apply the oil, in small amounts, begin massaging your scalp and after go from middle to the tip of your hair,  wrap with a plastic film, to keep warm, so it does not mess up your clothes, leave it for 30 minutes or more as you wish. If you prefer not to use a plastic wrap, you may also just go to the sun, or work outside ( in that case be careful to not overdue with the oil). When removing the oil from your hair, first keep the warm water running, apply the shampoo 2x times to take the oil out.  How often do you need to do this ? 1x a week, or every 2 weeks. All kinds of hair will have the benefits of using a good oil.

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These are the basics rules that you can introduce into your routine; that will fortify your hair and prevent hair loss.
If you are already starting to loose Hair, you need to wash more often, massage more, apply the oil therapy, more rigorously & frequently.

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