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Hair Loss & Candida

We (Margot Gobetti an MD Specialized in Homeopathy and my mother Iracema Vargas Bedin, Ph.D. in Odontology and Master in Public Health) have been studying and researching about Hair Loss and Candida since 1980.

We published a book in Portuguese and we described our observation of 461 patients over the period of 5 years.

Though the research that we developed, some points came to support the theory:

1. In the research group, we performed microscopy and culture from scalp samples. The only microorganism found was Fungus from the Candida family.

2. We study the patients with Hair Loss through a Homeopathy point of view. We look to the remedy that covers all the symptoms of the patient through individual homeopathy evaluation(Repertory of symptoms by Kent). We found that 90% of the patients the remedies chosen classified as a polychrest and anti-psoric remedies.

3. We relate the clinical symptoms described for Candida (see article above about Candida in your System)), with clinical symptoms of Psora, well described in Homeopathy. Traditional doctors do not yet recognize the holistic point of view of Candida as systemic diseases + The traditional medical field does not understand our skin and scalp “ecosystem” and its correlation to our health. 

4. Dermatology magazines have reported the results of 2% Nizoral shampoo to be similar to the use of 2% Minoxidil (Rogaine). 
In studies (March 2001), a double-blind study used 1% strength Nizoral shampoo against a 1% zinc pyrithione shampoo. The results showed that hair diameter grew by over 8% in 6 months. The sebum excretion rate reduced by over 6% and the number of hairs shed over a 24-hour period reduced by over 16%. These results with the 1% Nizoral shampoo were similar to earlier trials using the 2% Nizoral solution. These reports show that Nizoral used at the 1% or 2% level, 2-3 times per week will have positive effects on hair growth in addition to dandruff control. The response from this product can be due to its anti-fungal properties.

We did not create a theory and try to prove. It was the opposite; we had consistent results (against all theories that we learn in traditional medicines and also from a Homeopathy point of view about what is Psora ).

We start willing to understand why the products that we developed work. We saw the results that were consistent and had an amazing effect in women, men, at all ages-stages of hair loss.
We make a link between the Classic Homeopathy Miasma Psora and the modern thesis and Dysbiosis Thesis(Candida).

Psora Miasm Thesis

Dr. Hahnemann(a medical physician (1755 - 1843) the founder of homeopathy) was able to determine that there was one very common form of chronic disease and though this condition manifested in many different ways, it was still the same disease in all these patients. The "different ways" that the chronic condition showed up in conventional allopathic medicine are called "diagnosis" in which a disease is considered to be named and seen as a discrete and separate illness unconnected to all the other diagnoses that may be made. Dr. Hahnemann was able to show this was not the accurate understanding of a disease, that actually they were all the same condition taking these different forms. He called this condition "psora" and identified the most common form of it as a skin itch, at least at the beginning, and that this itching condition would then go on to develop other forms of internal illness.

Dysbiosis Thesis

Populations of microbes (such as bacteria and Yeast) inhabit the skin and mucosal surfaces in various parts of the body. Their role forms part of normal, healthy human physiology, however if microbe numbers grow beyond their typical ranges (often due to a compromised immune system) or if microbes populate (such as through poor hygiene or injury) areas of the body normally not colonized or sterile (such as the blood, or the lower respiratory tract, or the abdominal cavity),disease can result (causing, respectively, bacteremia/sepsis, pneumonia, and peritonitis).

When the balance between good microorganism that lives in our body are disrupted that will make us sick. Specifically at the scalp that will cause dandruff, itching, oily hair, and hair loss, the same happens in another part of our body one example is Candida (Yeast).

Our immune system is our system of defense and has the responsibility to support our health. When that system fails, our body will react showing symptoms and diseases.

The Homeopathy doctor is training to be able to "Read" the symptoms and conditions that the body fails to correct and will choose the right Homeopathic remedy to fix.

Homeopathy is not chemical; it is a Pharmaceutical process that transforms substances ( all kinds, mineral, vegetal, and others) in information through dilutions ( physics). The right homeopathic remedy will be able to teach the immune system how to heal what and when is needed (like a vaccine ).

Homeopathy is, as people may not know, like mathematics, you allways find out if you are going in the right direction. To know if your treatment is in the right direction ( to cure and not to suppress symptoms), we know that the healing has to take place in the reverse order that happens.

The Vida Hair Treatment healing process occurs in reverse order

1. First, the hair will stop falling out.
2. New hair will start to grow in as vellum and lanugo.
3. Healthy hair will begin to grow back.
4. How fast this process depends of general health of each person

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